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Stanwood: Small Town, Big Surprise | Weekends in Washington

Video ID: 2089
Date: 07/09/20
Caption: Overview of Stanwood, WA
Description: Remember when we could travel without a mask? Join your host Jamie Petitto on a weekend adventure (filmed pre-Covid) where she visits the SMALL town of Stanwood, Washington and finds it full of BIG surprises. From mammoth burgers to massive bird migrations, an enormous glass treasure hunt and miles of saltwater shoreline, Stanwood is no small spot for Jamie to stop and take it all in. She even got to meet the Mayor! Share your thoughts in the comments below - we'd love to hear from you!
Join host Jamie Petitto as she escapes her busy work life for a weekend of axe-throwing, zip-lining, sipping craft beverages, tasting homemade scones and finding out how easy it is to relax and unwind on the paradise that is Camano Island, Washington.
This year we took a trip to Warm Beach in Washington to spend the 4th of July with family again. Right on the beach and the locals sure know how to put on a "right at home" firework show. Great opportunity to test the low light capabilities of the BMPCC4k and get the dronie up in the air for some different perspectives.
The 100 year old Kristoferson farm on Camano Island had to think of a new way to keep their operation in the black. A zip line tour seemed like a great way to keep the forest intact, and attract adventure seeking tourists.